Sunday, 17 January 2010

Labour's "Phoney Bribo" laptop - a massive success on ebay.

Last week I designed the "Phoney Bribo" Laptop in response to Gordon Brown's promise to give 270,000 of them away to low income families. There is no doubt that this offer is nothing more than a General Election bribe - get ready for more on the run in. One of my readers Brillo211 had the great idea of putting the "Bribo" up on ebay and it has been a massive success. So much so that Brillo has changed the auction to a charity status for the Haiti disaster. So far there have been 21 bids and the winning bid currently stands at £72 with four days to run.

The interest in this auction has been amazing with 16,500 people having viewed it as of now. Another bonus of this auction is the buyers questions section. There a loads of questions being asked and the seller Brillo211 is giving some very amusing replies (unless your are a Labour supporter).

You can see the Auction by clicking HERE, don't forget that the winning bid will go to help those in need in Haiti.


eBay's brillo211. said...

Thanks for the publicity Steve.

Readers should also note that the item is postage free and that the stealth "facility tax" referred to in the checkout box has been waived.

There have been 17147 page views so far, and eBay have advised that they won't let it be re-listed but have stopped short of de-listing it as the proceeds are given 100% to Haiti relief.

I hope that it will be left in peace to end quietly and with benefit for those unfortunate people, but I remain aware that as a new week breaks, Labour may ask their lawyers to approach eBay to suggest otherwise - after all, we all have priorities. Mine include running the listing for charity, theirs probably include removing all trace of "policy deconstruction".

We shall see.

Probably more interestingly has been my news research. By unscientific means, (Googling the Bribo laptop), I have been following comments made as the story breaks around the internet. Of the hundreds of comments, I have read only three that have NOT indicated either that the listing is funny or, more pointedly, that the listing reflects the true policy quite nicely.

Thank you to all for the support so far. Please consider bidding.

Anonymous said...

Extremely funny... classic... goodness knows where it is all going to end up... in the Nationals and TV I'll be bound!

Daily Referendum said...

Brillo, it amazes me that anyone is considering voting Labour.

Daily Referendum said...


You would think that it would have made the nationals by now. However, there are still four days left.