Wednesday, 15 November 2006

They play we pay

Parents of children displaying anti-social behaviour could face fines of £100. Home Secretary John Reid has also announced that homeowners could be evicted for anti-social behaviour, excessive noise or the intimidation of neighbours.
Mr Reid has said he will put "victims' needs first" by imposing "clear and tough" punishments. Mr Reid announced the measures at the launch of a consultation to deal with anti-social behaviour. Mr Reid wants to make parents liable for fines imposed on under-16s who breach acceptable behaviour. The Home Office has announced that the top rate for some existing on-the-spot Fixed Penalty Notice fines will increase from £80 to £100. Mr Reid said: "Some people will complain that what we want to do... impinges on people's rights. "But communities have rights too, and the rights of individuals don't entitle them to cause mayhem for locals."

Q. Should the parents of anti-social children have to pay?

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