Friday, 29 December 2006

ASBOlutely Criminal

This oxygen thief has had the terms of his ASBO reduced by a Judge (?) who saw it as being too harsh. Sonny Lockwood, 19, had been banned from New Addington in Croydon for five years after a long history of harassing and intimidating residents. Lockwood was also prohibited from driving and riding in stolen cars (how cruel can you get?) and from hanging around with his gang (19? in a gang? - dipshit).
The Asbo will now only apply for two years and the outright ban on Lockwood entering New Addington will be lifted to allow him to visit his parents (bless him). As you can guess, the residents of New Addington are a little upset to hear of the reduction in severity of the ASBO.
Lockwood was first issued with an Asbo at the age of 15. He is currently in jail and the new Asbo will come into effect when he is released next year.
Judge (?) Stephen Waller said: "We think he should have the chance of support and comfort of his family in the home when he is released." Who is this We? - I can't believe anyone could share this idiotic opinion.

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