Friday, 1 December 2006

Blowing smoke up my a**e?

As a smoker I am reluctantly willing to accept the the banning of smoking in enclosed public spaces, however I am finding it difficult to accept the comments of Labour's Desmond Turner, MP for Brighton Kemptown.
Mr Turner wants to ban the use of patio heaters completely, calling them a "waste of energy". Mr Turner went on to say: "The use of patio heaters accounts for about one million tonnes of CO2 emissions a year, which immediately cancels out, for instance, the savings made by government changes to vehicle taxations."
Liberal Democrat environment spokesman Norman Baker said: "I'm not against people smoking outside, it's better than them smoking inside, but I think they should enjoy the bracing air around them."
"Instead of reaching for the gas canister people should reach for another jumper instead."
So if these "politicians" get their way, smokers will become a bunch of shivering, jumper wearing outcasts. That is until they find out jumpers are bad for you, in which case we will become a bunch of blue, shivering outcasts.

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Kat said...

We're already a bunch of blue shivering outcasts. If you light a cigarette in California you immediately are subject to looks. I'm quitting, but my heart will always go out to the smokers.

"I have an addiction, sir!"-Carrie from Sex In The City