Thursday, 21 December 2006

Poor Judgement?

High Court judge Mrs Justice Black is forcing the Home Office to bring a family of deported asylum seekers back to Britain and pay them compensation at the expence (tens of thousands of pounds) of the taxpayer.
John Reid has admitted that the family's mentally incapacitated son should not have been deported with his appeal still pending, and has been ordered to pay him £4,000 compensation for being held in detention for two days.
The taxpayer will pay for the damages, the expense of finding the family, flights back to Britain, accommodation, legal aid for the son's appeal and the probable cost of a second deportation operation.
Blair Gibbs of the TaxPayers' Alliance said: "For once immigration officials have done what the public want by processing this asylum case quickly and sending the failed claimants back home. "But now we have to put up with activist judges telling them they can't repatriate individual family members because of human rights law. "The politicians are ultimately to blame for enshrining this human rights law in the first place."
The Home Office said: "An unfortunate oversight in this case led to the removal of this family which should not have happened. "In such cases consideration is given to bringing persons removed back to the UK and we are taking steps to do so in this case in line with the court judgment and for the outstanding appeal to be heard. "If the individual's appeal is refused, he and his family will be required to leave the UK voluntarily or face enforced removal."

Q. Was High Court judge Mrs Justice Black right to force John Reid to carry out her judgement at the expense of the taxpayer?

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