Tuesday, 5 December 2006

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Here are ten things I would never do:

1. Sleep with a woman I could not beat in a fight.
2. Pick my nose when I think someone is watching.
3. Stop getting angry when I'm stuck behind some idiot doing 25MPH in a 40 zone when I'm trying to get to work at six in the morning.
4. Stop setting rules to protect my kids that they hate me for.
5. Stop saying "what's this crap you're watching" to my wife.
6. Stop moaning at the telephone bill.
7. Say "no thanks" when someone offers to buy me a drink.
8. Wear a novelty tie.
9. Read a jeffrey Archer Novel.
10. Fall for New Conservatism.


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Toque said...

I'd agree with all of those, except for the kids bit, but only because I don't have any yet.