Tuesday, 30 January 2007

BLEEP Save The Queen

Qantas have been screening a censored version of the film The Queen staring Helen Mirren on their flights. Believe it or not the word God has been Bleeped out seven times during the film.
The film now includes the line: "(bleep) bless you, ma'am."
Qantas claim that the film they received from Hollywood-based film company Jaguar Distribution was not the version they ordered.
Jaguar said the removal of references to God was unintentional, an overzealous young employee removed "God" after being asked to delete all swear words.
Oh my BLEEP, what a Bleeping idiot.


Lucyp said...

I always wondered exactly what God had to save the Queen from? Not the most energetic of people is she. Save her from arse-ache maybe.

Anonymous said...

Please!...Change the wording in your opening statement from 'effect' to 'affect'. I agree with many of things that you describe with such passion, but the mistake in the use of the 'effect/affect' wording makes some people treat your statements with contempt.