Sunday, 7 January 2007

My last Post (about the BNP)

Andrew Allison, Imagined Community and ThunderDragon have been discussing racism in the BNP, on the BNP supporter blog Central News in the post "In support of Freedom".
I'm sorry to say that by now some of them may have realised that they are wasting their time talking to the BNP supporters.
The main problem being, that no one wants to be seen or think themselves to be a racist.
The BNP supporters have a lot of personal credibility invested in their decision to support a party that is seen by many as being racist.
They will have told colleagues and friends that the BNP's policies are worthwhile and that it is not a racist party.
The deeper they get into the party they start to realise that it is indeed racist (see the post entitled "this why I'm a racist") and Anti-Semitic (the last paragraph says it all), but what can they do? I think I would find it difficult to admit that I'd been a fool and that indeed I was supporting a racist party.
All someone in their position can do is to try and justify their decision. This usually takes the form of continually rolling out stories and statistics of ethnic crimes. They by this time are so entrenched in the BNP mentality that they do not realise, that by continually focusing on ethnic crime their actions could be seen by some as being racist.
The people I've described above are the ones who fell into the BNP net of disillusionment.
Angered by the Government's inability to control immigration, they have turned to the BNP, who with an outwardly respectable face are promising to address their concerns.

The problem is that if you convince yourself that what you are saying is the truth, then you can convince yourself that you are not a racist. Nobody wants to look in the mirror and see a racist looking back at them.

This is my last post on this subject (good some will say no doubt) as the whole experience has got me down.


youdontknowme said...

The BNP supporters have a lot of personal credibility invested in their decision to support a party that is seen by many as being racist.

Credibility? I am 19. How much credibility can a 19 year old have?

They will have told colleagues and friends that the BNP's policies are worthwhile and that it is not a racist party.

Yes I have. The people at college don't believe me though but a girl from college who is a leftie is willing to give them a chance and is coming to a BNP meeting on january 18. she is doing what I did. she will find out if they are racist. On that meeting we are hopefully going to record it and put it on youtube for peopole to watch what the real BNP are like.

Daily Referendum said...


Good on you and have fun at the meeting.
Do they know that you are going to record the proceedings?

Please read my post again.

youdontknowme said...

yes we discussed it at the committee meeting yesterday

Daily Referendum said...


I do not believe you just said that. You have just made my night.

I have not laughed so much in ages.

You: "discussed it at the committee meeting yesterday"

So if you all know you are going to be recorded, please tell me how you are going to:

"record it and put it on youtube for peopole to watch what the real BNP are like."

By the way I'm still laughing now.

Ian said...

YDKM, you do normally manage to show a bit more cunning in your replies, I have to say.

Steve, I think you've hit the nail on the head, here - even the racists in the BNP don't like to think of themselves as racist, witness the knots YDKM has tied himself into over "voluntary repatriation". As far as I can tell from his confusion, it's only non-whites who'll be "invited" to take advantage, but he still claims that's not racist.

I sympathise with your feelings on this whole matter, it's left me feeling miserable, as well. Just remember you're not the bad guy here, and you've made a valuable contribution to exposing the delusion of the BNP supporters.

Andrew Allison. A Conservative View said...

I started this whole thing off on Central News. At the last count, there were 90 comments. It got me down too, so - like you - I am going to put it to bed and move on to other things. But thanks Ian and ThunderDragon for taking over where I left off.

I laughed very loudly too about the YouTube recording. No undercover documentary there!

youdontknowme said...

So if you all know you are going to be recorded, please tell me how you are going to:

"record it and put it on youtube for peopole to watch what the real BNP are like."

There are 8 people on the committee. There are 50 people that show up to normal meetings. that number more than doubles when nick griffin comes and he is coming.

No one ever said it would be undercover anyway. We will probably hav to let people know they are being filmed incase they don't want to be filmed because they could lose their jobs if they are seen to be at a BNP meeting.

Daily Referendum said...

If you don't get the irony of your comments by now, you never will.

Please read my post again.

Andy said...

It's depressing me as well. I am waiting until tomorrow morning to see if anything has been done to remove the BNP member and reorientate what is and isn't acceptable on Blogpower. Otherwise, I'm off - I can't have a link to a BNP-related site on my blog, nor can I stomach my own site being linked to from his thanks to the reciprocal blogroll. I was naive in not considering the infiltration of such into what was a very good idea indeed.

I hope something is done to rid us of this cancer, but if not, I will have no choice but to distance myself. x

Daily Referendum said...

Thanks Andy,

I was starting to think that with the BNP's membership growing and idiots believing their "we are not racist" crap, along with others shouting "freedom of speech," the BNP would take over this country without a whimper.

Spicy Cauldron said...

Well I've withdrawn from Blogpower. I was a little perturbed to see James' response on that site to the controversy in a recent comment.

This is NOT a case of 'keeping the fire stoked over this one guy's blog' as he put it. The offending blog is a BNP-supporting blog. It is offensive to many people, not least of all myself, to be linked to him and to be linked from him.

I am so disappointed that James said that. He seems to think the issue will die down and go away, and seems not to realise the stain will stick and more BNP members and supporters will join the Defending the Blog initiative if they know they are welcome to do so. They will find any route they can to implied legitimacy.

Defending the Blog and Blogpower will acquire, if it has not done so already with this controversy, a shady reputation because of this. Invite the BNP in along with everyone else, you don't get everyone else in the end. You close the door to many decent people who won't tolerate any association with those thugs. Close the door on the BNP, you send the right signal and open up the way for a diverse membership.

Creating categories for the DtB blogroll will NOT do the job that's needed. You cannot hide fascism and brutality away. You cannot artificially create distance from the BNP on a blogroll by saying they've been put into a category - least of all 'political parties' or similar, because for many of us the BNP is NOT a legitimate party and to give it any inclusion anywhere is to give it what it wants: a platform, a voice, some credibility.

Thanks for your comments on my site, they were appreciated. x

Daily Referendum said...

Hi Spicy Cauldron,

It's a real shame it has come to this. I, like you, was pleased to be part of such a great initiative.
I was proud to be linked to such interesting and diverse group of people. I will continue to support the individual members, I've linked to the majority of them and will add the rest to my Blogroll shortly.
I liked Matt's Idea of:

"How about just setting an arbitrary but acceptable rule - if six or more people want you off the main roll you're off? With perhaps the chance to post a defence/appeal on this blog?"

In cases like this majority rule does not work, a vote or referendum would not work.
To quote Larry Flynt:

"The majority rule only works if you're also considering individual rights. Because you can't have five wolves and one sheep voting on what to have for supper."

Now before anybody jumps down my throat, the wolves are not people who support the BNP, they are people who don't mind having them on the Blogroll. The sheep are people like Spicy Cauldron and myself.

2-0 to the BNP. I wonder what the final score will be.

(I know Larry Flynt is not a good example, but this quote has been attributed to several other people and I think it is accurate)

Best Regards


Daily Referendum said...

One more thing:


I don't think you have given a reasonable answer as to why you and your party would like non-whites to leave this country (voluntarily or not).

If you think an all white population will be some kind of utopia and an end to all this country's problems, then you are a fool.

What colour do you think the opposing sides of the English Civil War were? - all white.

What colour do you think the opposing sides of many of Africa's conflicts are? - all black.

Either you are a exceedingly naive twat, or you are indeed racist.

I am now applying comment moderation (something I did not want to do), because just like Spicy cauldron I do not want this site to become a propaganda platform for the BNP.

Andy said...

Yeah, I had to use another clever trick on my own site after he turned his focus exclusively on me. I note he hasn't answered your point about the bollocks that is the idea of a white utopia. x