Saturday, 20 January 2007

Sydney pay Private Dicks for sex?

SYDNEY councils are paying private detectives thousands of dollars to have sex with prostitutes so they can gather sufficient proof against illegal brothels.

Nine councils across Sydney have forked out $25,000 in fees to private investigators over the past three years.

The Sunday Telegraph has learned that Ku-ring-gai Council spent $7000 in the past month employing detectives to have sex with prostitutes.

At Willoughby Council, private detectives were paid $1500 for two visits to prostitutes at the one brothel this month.

Ku-ring-gai Mayor Nick Ebbeck said the extreme measures were necessary to prove the businesses were illegal. "We have to employ private investigators to actually go through with the act and come up with reports that will suffice in a court process. On numerous occasions over numerous days and times they had to fulfil the act."

Apparently their has been a rush of people trying to get their Private Detective Licence in the Sydney area.

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