Thursday, 22 February 2007

Our Children in Need - ACH

What really pisses me off about this country is the disgusting way the taxpayers money is spent on pointless crap when it could be used to improve the lives of it's citizens.

THE Ministry of Defence’s new Whitehall headquarters will cost the taxpayer £2.3 billion to refurbish and run.Our hard earned money is being spent on crap like this:

Luxury office chairs worth more than £1,000 for each of the 3,100 civil servants (what is a £1,000 office chair made of? - Bloody Panda fur?)

The purchase of more than 3,500 oak doors for a total cost of £3m, or up to £1,200 each.

Our hard earned money should be spent on what has got to be a priority in our so-called rich and civilised country:

Across the UK there are 38 Children's Hospices with five more planned.
These facilities provide a caring and comforting atmosphere for terminally ill children and their families.
Unbelievably, Hospices in England only receive an average of less than 5 per cent of their funding from the government.
The dedicated staff rely on public donations to provide this desperately needed service.
Services include children's palliative care, specialist respite care, terminal and emergency care, 24-hour telephone support, practical help, advice and information and bereavement support for all family members. Children's hospices work with families from all faiths, cultures and ethnic backgrounds and fully respect the importance of religious customs and cultural needs that are essential to the daily lives of each family.
Without this dedication many of our children would not be able to pass through this final period with the dignity and care they deserve.

For more information on Children's Hospices please click HERE.

Peter Brighouse has submitted the following E-Petition to No10:

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to organise government support and finance for the children's hospices.

To sign up to this E-Petition please click HERE.

Q. Should this most valuable service be fully funded by the Government?

To view the results go to:

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