Thursday, 1 February 2007

Referendum voting results

Here are the last six referendum vote results from my blog:

Q. With our armed forces being deployed in greater numbers to ever increasing theatres, should the government increase spending rather than enforce cuts?

YES 97% NO 3% DO NOT KNOW 0%

Q. With land fill space predicted to run out in 2016, should the manufacturers of products that produce high volumes of household waste share the costs of disposal?

YES 70% NO 28% DO NOT KNOW 2%

Q. Should there be an English parliament?

YES 87% NO 11% DO NOT KNOW 2%

Q. Does England require a new anthem?

YES 82% NO 18% DO NOT KNOW 0%

Q. Should UK troops start a five-month staged withdrawal in May?

YES 60% NO 27% DO NOT KNOW 13%

Q. Should the NHS start handing out shopping vouchers to drug addicts as an incentive to keep clean?

YES 11% NO 79% DO NOT KNOW 10%

To view all the referendum vote results back to October click HERE.

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