Saturday, 10 February 2007

Song for England (ROOTS) By Show of Hands

The Video is for the song: Roots by Show of Hands. The song is currently at No. 6 in the HMV Download Chart.

It tells the story of Englands lost identity.

Here are a few lyrics from the song:

And a minister said his vision of hell>

Is three folk singers in a pub near Wells>

Well Ive got a vision of urban sprawl>

Its pubs where no one ever sings at all>

And everyone stares at a great big screen>

Over-paid soccer stars, prancing teens>

Australian soap, American rap>

Estuary English, baseball caps>

And we learn to be ashamed before we walk>

Of the way we look and the way we talk>

Without our stories or our songs>

How will we know where weve come from?>

Ive lost St George in the Union Jack>

Its my flag too and I want it back

To learn more about the campaign for an English Parliament click: HERE

There is also a No10 E-Petition submitted by Gareth Young:

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to initiate a Parliamentary debate on the adoption of a national anthem for England that is distinct from the British national anthem.

To sign the E-Petition please click: HERE

Hat Tip To: Tommy English


Canadi-anna said...

Interesting song. I'm not English, but I appreciate the sentiment.

Daily Referendum said...

Thanks Anna,

We English have a real problem with our identity at the moment. The Scottish are Scottish, the Welsh are Welsh, the Irish are Irish and the English are British.

Neil Welton said...

I'm British but also Welsh. In the same way you can be British and Scottish or British and English. Even though I am Welsh I nevertheless feel an affinity and a great affection for England. I am therefore not ashamed to say that I feel loyal to England and to Her Queen - that is why I am British. For surely England IS the Mother Country - whilst Scotland and Wales were merely the first of your Crown's many proud children around the globe. You should be proud of this your history, not ashamed of it. I really don't understand why you have a problem with being both British and English.