Saturday, 24 March 2007

BUDGET UPDATE - Gordon Brown has cut Defence Spending!

I like many of us watching Gordon Brown's 11th and final budget, was totally consumed with trying to work out if his seemingly generous 2p tax cut was good for me. It was a very sneaky move by the chancellor, while he gave us a tax cut in one hand he took it away with the other. But that wasn't the real trick he pulled, while we were all debating whether he had been sneaky, we all totally missed the fact that he had cut Defence Spending by £816m. I totally missed this and wouldn't be any the wiser if it wasn't for Elliott Joseph pointing this out on his (excellent) Blog. Elliott has worked out the actual figures which show the Defence spending cut and you can see them on his post: Budget Small Print: Defence Spending Cut.

We are already seen by Iran as a dog with no teeth. Which is why they can take fifteen of our men without being worried about the consequence. History has shown and will show again that only a fool reduces it's armed forces during times of conflict. Even the insane Hitler realised that it was foolhardy stretch your forces on two fronts, he did not reduce his forces but desperately tried to boost them and still lost.

Please pop over to Elliott's Blog and see the Defence Spending Cut figures for yourself. Gordon Brown has turned our Navy into a dog with no teeth and then left it to the wolves.

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