Sunday, 4 March 2007

The English are to pay more for prescriptions - the Welsh will get them for free

Prescription charges in England will rise next month – on the same day patients in Wales will get their medicines for free. Patient groups attacked the 20p increase, which will take the cost to £6.85 for each prescription. Ministers said the increase, which begins on April 1, would raise £425 million for the cash-strapped NHS. But the move was criticised by Professor Jessica Corner, director of improving cancer services at Macmillan Cancer Support.She said: “We are extremely disappointed to hear that the Government has decided to raise prescription charges in England, particularly as they are to be abolished entirely in Wales on the same day. “Our research shows that one in seven cancer patients aged 55 and under who currently have to pay for prescriptions are unable to afford their cancer treatment. “This news will be yet another blow to patients facing a double whammy of increased costs and a significant drop in income as a result of their cancer.”

How come the welsh can have free prescriptions if the NHS is cash strapped?

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Neil Welton said...

"How come the Welsh can have free prescriptions." Simple. Population of Wales is three million. Population of England is fifty million. The cost for England would therefore be too much - unless you pay more "popular" taxes.