Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Is Portsmouth's Historic Naval Base going to close?

Portsmouth Naval Base is under threat of closure. There has been a dockyard in Portsmouth since June 1495 when the first dry dock was created. Portsmouth naval base is not only an integral part of the history and economy of this region but also plays a vital role in the defence of the country.

There is a E-Petition asking the Prime Minister to keep Portsmouth and its surrounding communities at the heart of the Royal Navy.

To sign the E-Petition and stop yet another reduction to our once great Royal Navy please click HERE



Unfortunately Portsmouth Naval Base is part of our once proud British Heritage and culture and as such is unacceptable as the slave trade. The socialists who have destroyed Britain want us all to feel ashamed of our past, sadly Portsmouth Naval Base will go the way of The Black Watch The Royal Green Jackets, HMS Invisible and all our Military hospitals. What is occurring in this country is a stealth annihilation and in my opinion is a crime.

Anonymous said...

I work within the PNB and like many others are very worried for our jobs.
Not to mention the history aspect also.
The dockyard wont close, but its size as far as the MOD goes, will be reduced very greatly.
Most of its buildings are being used by FSL and Vospers anyway.