Sunday, 22 April 2007

Magical Mystery Blog Tour Bus Leaves in 5 Minutes!

Got some time to kill but don't know where to go?

Why don't you climb aboard the Magical Mystery Blog Tour Bus. There are still a few places left.

Click on STOP 1 and the Bus will take you to your first Mystery Blog location. To get back on the Bus just click the Back Button and click STOP 2 to continue the Tour. I think you can work the rest out.

Enjoy the ride.


Delicolor said...

thank you, I'm flattered to be included.
I've uploaded the iceberg image rather than link to it as the post will have a bit more longevity now.

Daily Referendum said...


You are welcome, it's an interesting post, well worth a stop on the tour.

Chip Dale said...

I'm glad you're all finishing we me. It means, I suppose, I'll be handling any sanitary provisions.

Daily Referendum said...


I thought I'd save a big surprise for the ladies until the last stop.