Thursday, 5 April 2007

Poor attempt to bash Boris

One of my local MP's, Sarah McCarthy-Fry, attempts to bash Boris for his recent comments on Portsmouth but makes a right pig's ear of it. You can see what she had to say by going to the Blog: Some Stuff.

I live in Portsmouth and Boris wasn't a million miles away from the truth. It's good that Portsmouth has been put on the map for being a dump, it could well shame the local authorities into doing something about it.

Magic our Boris!

Hat Tip: Iain Dale


Jeremy Jacobs said...

I know how you feel. I'm popping down to my place of birth,Margate, on Bank Holiday Monday. If Portsmouth is a dump, then Margate is the failure capital of the UK.

(Hopefully, the weather will be OK and we'll stuff the upstarts from Ramsgate FC)

james higham said...

Ah, now I understand what Blognor Regis was rabbiting on about. Don't think I ever went to Pompey.

Daily Referendum said...

Good luck Jeremy, Up the Gate!