Friday, 27 April 2007

Turkish Delight - HMS Montrose comes to the rescue.

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HMS Montrose (Type 23 Frigate) came across the crew of the Turkish merchantman MV Sunshine whilst on NATO duties, patrolling the Mediterranean. The MV Sunshine was carrying marble to Egypt when she sank after rolling 90˚ in heavy seas. The crew had been adrift for two days without food and water when the Montrose picked them up. The men were clothed, fed and watered before they were handed over to the Turkish Navy.

Cdr Tony Watt, Captain of the Montrose said: “The crew of the Sunshine went through a harrowing ordeal. I’m just pleased my sailors were able to carry out that most basic of duties – saving the lives of fellow mariners.”

Montrose continues to patrol on behalf of NATO.

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