Saturday, 12 May 2007

Brown, Meacher and McDonnell - Let the leadership contest begin.

Michael Meacher, back bencher, former Minister of state for DEFRA (2001 - 2003) and Member of Parliament for Oldham West and Royton.

Michael Meacher
Educated at the London School of Economics; Oxford, Michael worked in journalism and lecturing before entering into politics. Apparently Michaels proudest achievement in parliament since 2001 is: "The day in 2004 when the first two regions in Britain were opened up for ramblers for the first time for 200 years, with the remaining regions opened up this year." Wow, with an achievement like that, sorting out Iraq should be a piece of cake.

A bit of a rebel, Michael has voted against the his party on 15 (5.6%) occasions out of the 266 votes he attended (59% attendance - well below average).

For the year 2005/2006 Michael cost the Tax payer £124,295 in expenses.

John McDonnell, backbencher and Member of Parliament for Hayes and Harlington.

John McDonnell
Educated at Brunel University; London, John’s previous occupation was as a Local Government officer. John has released his leadership manifesto entitled "Another World is Possible: A Manifesto for 21st Century Socialism." McDonnell says: "I think there's a real demand for change, to learn the lessons of the last 10 years and build on that, and learn from the mistakes." That's a lot of learning.

A definite rebel, John has voted against the his party on 80 (25.1%) occasions out of 319 votes (71% attendance - average).

For the year 2005/2006 John cost the Tax payer £131,427 in expenses.

Meacher and McDonnell are hoping that between them they will gain the backing of 45 Labour MPs needed stand against Brown.

The way it looks at the moment Gordon has nothing to worry about. He has the backing of a majority of the party and his only opponents are a couple of backbench rebels.

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