Saturday, 5 May 2007

Four Belmarsh Prison Guards Hopitalised over a Laptop.

Four Guards were hospitalised yesterday after being attacked by terror suspects in Belmarsh Prison. A witness said: "the staff were up against some heavy individuals, who were really trying to let rip. There were suspects fighting while others were urging them on."

The Governor said: "I am really proud of the bravery displayed by my staff, whose courageous response brought this incident to an end quickly."

The reason four Guards were attacked and hospitalised? A Guard tried to take away a prisoner's Laptop!

What the bloody hell is going on? I'm absolutely sick of the way this country is being run. I hope the Conservatives will sort this stinking mess out when they get in power, otherwise I'll be doing what many others have done: voting with my feet.


james higham said...

'Fraid I voted with my feet, Steve. Was that bad?

Daily Referendum said...

No James,

Only family has stopped me.

Let's hope the situation improves here.

St Crispin said...

You get sent down, you hand over all you own including clothes. you get clothes toothbrush, towel, dental floss etc, and you do bird? Surely that's what prison is about?
How the f*ck do they get hold of a laptop.
If it's about prisoners having things so that if they are extra bad, those things can be taken away, how about "you currently have no pain on the soles of you feet. If you missbehave that situation will be taken away"

Daily Referendum said...

St Crispin,

I found out after I posted this, that they get laptops to go over their cases while awaiting trial.

Can you believe that their case files are only available in DVD format?

Last September it was reported that videos of hostages being beheaded were found on a laptop used by radical preacher Abu Hamza, who is detained at Belmarsh.