Wednesday, 16 May 2007

A good decision by the Army not to send Prince Harry to Iraq

Prince Harry will not go to Iraq with the Army
I think Prince Harry, being a member of the Armed Forces should go to war and if he should be killed in that war, then so be it. HOWEVER, I do not think he should commit suicide in the name of duty.

On a battle field he could blend in with the rest of the army. Patrolling the streets of Iraq where a bounty has been put on his head and photographs of him have been distributed, he cannot hope blend in. It would not be safe for him or anyone near him, especially as the Iraqi Security Forces he would have to work with are known to be infiltrated by insurgent agents.

If the Army had sent him to Iraq he would have been extremely lucky not to get himself or his men killed.


The future of Prince Harry's military career is being considered by the Army today. The question being: is anywhere going to be safe for the Prince and his men to operate? While the media are reporting Harry's deployments, he will always have a target painted on his back. The only way to reduce any risk to the Prince and allow him to serve his country as he wishes, is to have a full media blackout on his movements. At the moment any insurgent that would like to claim the considerable bounty on Harry's head is fully aware of what he looks like, when he would arrive, where he would have been working and even what vehicle he would have been patrolling in. As one of my readers commented: "It would be a Turkey shoot".

Unfortunately, even a full Media blackout will not stop those who want to know Harry's whereabouts finding out. I do not think Harry can be deployed to any conflict zone where he is going to be expected and hunted like a trophy animal.

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Chip Dale said...

I just can't believe the government let is go on for so long... It should never have been suggested that he would go to Iraq. Hasn't the mere thought given rise to more attacks on our troops? If he'd been there, it would have become a turkey shoot with the insurgents working day and night to get him.

Daily Referendum said...

I'd have given him two weeks to live, at the Max.

Ellee said...

Harry was always going to be a sitting target if he went, the Army had no choice. Gone are they days when our princes rode off to battle to fight for their country. If I had time, I would write about them all.

Daily Referendum said...

Yes Ellee,

Once upon a time, men would fight and die to protect a Prince during battle and consider it their duty. Now the Prince is seen as a liability and a danger to his own men. How things change.