Monday, 14 May 2007

Gordon Brown's Leadership contest starts today.

Gordon Brown for Britain

So here we go then, just short of seven weeks of continuous media coverage, promises , lies, toadying, baby kissing and question dodging. Personally I'd have liked to see his Tonyness keep the big job until the next election. Not because I think he's done a good job, it's more to do with my reservations about changing leader too often. There's a significant problem with today's society, doing a good job is not good enough. Every time someone takes over an important role, they are expected to innovate and reorganise their areas of responsibility to prove they are actually achieving something.

What's wrong with plain old good management? If something is not working to it's full potential, find out what's going wrong and sort it out. But no, the way things are done Today is if it's not working you are expected to totally scrap years of work and come up with a new and shiny idea. These new and shiny ideas often sound great in concept but it's the poor saps that work in areas such as the public services that bare the brunt of continual change. How can you ever make something work if just as you get it up to 90% efficiency, some berk comes along and tells you that because you're not running at 100% efficiency everything must change?

Instead of change being used for the good of the nation, far too often change has been used to hide failures in this government's management of our services.

Well like it or not, Tony Blair is going and Gordon Brown is sure to take his place. I bet those poor sods that work in the Public Sector are cringing, waiting to hear what new and shiny ideas they are going to be subjected to.

Today also sees the start of the Deputy Leadership Contest, six potential candidates vying for a non-job. Prescott, in the public's eyes seems to have been paid for doing nothing, hopefully his successor will make a better impression by doing anything that could be construed as being useful, even if it's just carrying Gordon’s briefcase.

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