Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Royal Navy - Fourth Astute Class Submarine HMS Audacious is on order.

Astute HMS Audacious

HMS Audacious, the Royal Navy’s fourth Astute-class submarine will go into build later this year. BAE systems have received £200m to commence work on the project which will take place in their Barrow-in-Furness facility.

Audacious is named after a 74-gun third-rate ship which served under Nelson, a Victorian ironclad which served on the China Station and, perhaps most famously, a Great War dreadnought which fell victim to a mine off Northern Ireland in October 1914.

The Navy are considering a further two Astute class submarines. Rear Admiral Stevens, Flag Officer Submarines said: "The services SSN (Ship Submersible Nuclear) community has made a decisive break away from its Cold War emphasis on anti-submarine warfare (ASW) to embrace the Navy's new operational concept of Maritime Contributions to Joint Operations. The challenge now is to realise the full potential of the SSN across its wider range of tasking. Operations in direct support of surface forces are becoming a far more important part of the submarine service's operations.”

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