Sunday, 13 May 2007

UN a Joke? Zimbabwe to head the Commission on Sustainable Economic Development.

United Nations The UN once again has made itself a laughing stock as it votes in Zimbabwe's environment and tourism minister, Francis Nhema, as the Head of the Commission on Sustainable Economic Development. What kind of sick joke are the representatives of the nations that voted for Nhema playing? Nhema was voted in with 26 votes to 21 in what has been described as a protest vote by developing countries in a direct show of defiance against developed ones.

This is schoolyard politics, due to the EU travel ban imposed on Zimbabwean officials, Nhema can't even visit many of the countries covered by the commission he is to lead. The representatives of the developing nations may feel they have just cause to show defiance, but putting one of Mugabe's henchmen in charge of Sustainable Economical Development is pathetic.

Any nation from the developing world could have been elected as a protest vote, preferably one with a growing Economy. By putting Nhema in this important position the UN are completely ignoring the ruinous state of Zimbabwe's economy and the plight of it's people. How can we trust these fools to create a better world for us all when they make cynical and extremely damaging decisions like this?

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