Saturday, 23 June 2007

EU Treaty - WW2 will be over by Christmas (and we lose).

63 sovereign powers are to be signed away without our consent (that's 133 vetoes handed over by Blair in his ten years). Tony Blair has won the battle over his four red lines, but at what cost? which of OUR sovereign powers has he bargained away to win his little war? We will lose our veto over energy, agriculture, fisheries, transport, culture, tourism, immigration policy and many more. The 27 state EU will now move to majority voting on these matters and going our lack of popularity in Europe, I don't fancy our chances of getting a fair deal.

In the last election campaign Blair said: “We don’t know what is going to happen in France, but we will have a referendum on the Constitution in any event — and that is a Government promise.” To quote Ebenezer from Blackadder's Christmas Carol: "I suspect that to be a lie of sorts". Now he tells us that we don't require one of those silly little referendums on this, one of the largest losses of sovereign power in our history.

The entire nation knows the true reason for this government not holding a referendum on the Treaty (Constitution) - it's because we the people will vote NO. Not only have we had to put up with the government riding roughshod over our liberties, they are now going to hand over more of them to the EU. What happened to our great country, once in charge of its own destiny and answerable only to the wishes of its people?

Our Fathers fought to keep this country free from the control of foreign powers, now without any say in the matter, we their children, are handing over everything the strove for. If we don't get a referendum and Gordon Brown signs away our sovereignty, then the War will truly be over by Christmas.

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IanP said...

Blair and NuLab have spent years preparing the legislation for this moment.

The people will not have a say.

Governments will be run by unelected appointees.
The European Union will be run by unelected appointees, and will have its own President.
The European Commission will be run by unelected appointees.

According to the President of Italy, Giorgio Napolitano, a former Communist hardliner, Eurosceptics are "psychological terrorists" because they suggest that there is a growing "European superstate."

So if the people want a say, they will be classified as terrorists.

Now you know what all those anti terror laws are for. They are for us...

Daily Referendum said...

Yes Ian,

I think those of us that believe in democracy should start planning their escape routes now.

fred said...

But where to?

If, like most Englishmen, the only foreign language one understands is American, then one is stuffed. The US is going the same way, and trying to trap Canada into a North American Union. Silly me, its a Free Trade Area, for the moment!

Australia? New Zealand? They are both part of the Echelon (spy on citizens phone calls & emails) thing.

Any bright ideas? Especially for those over the age of the skilled migrant categories?

IanP said...


There are still many places around the globe that accept the British with some respect.

Many countries in Africa for instance, such as South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, and with the imminent decline of Mugabe the new Zimbabwe will need rebuilding.

The Far east is setting itself up for a major conflict in the not so distant future, so I personally would not consider taking my family that way, and as you say Australia and New Zealand are on the same path as ourselves.

North America is ruled out for the reasons you already gave.

South America may have possibilities, depending on which country you choose, and Belize is still fairly safe in the big scheme of things.
Most of the Caribbean is open to Brits, although much is riddled with crime, so limited safety there.

Pacific Islands sound good, a retirement collecting pearls, but little in the way of future for the younger members of my family.

Myself, I favour staying a little closer to home, with the countries that are part of the EAA, the European trade agreement, but not part of the Union, such as Norway, Switzerland, Channel Islands, Gibraltar, or the principalities like Andorra, Monaco or San Marino.

Such places are Independent at the moment, but for how much longer under constant pressure from a new super-state, now with legal form, would remain to be seen.

I do agree that with the world being the way it is, there are few places left where one could begin life again with a large degree of safety.

The alternative is of course that we stay, and object, campaign to try to get our politicians back on the right road, but that idea, as most who stayed behind as Germany fell under the authoritarian spell found out is virtually accepting the inevitable.

I am now seriously thinking long and hard as to what to do next, to protect and secure the lives ahead for my children and family.

Bob Feal-martinez said...

I am sure there is not a person in the land (at least with a brain) that doesn't agree there should be a referendum but Gordon Brown is about to rub salt in the wound if The Foreign Secretary is to be believed. MP's will be given a vote, now think about that, Brown took a mauling from Cameron, will his backbenchers risk essentially a vote of no confidence and ask for the Referendum. Will Brown word it in such a way as to suggest no treaty no Europe. If so Haig has already said the Tories will sacrifice the referendum to stay in Europe. So it seems there still is only one party who unconditionally will vote for a referendum and that is UKIP. There is another way visit my blog
I was a life long Tory Voter, no longer. My son is in the Navy but his future under either of the 3 main parties is far from secure. This country is in a mess but abandoning it is not the answer. Fight back UKIP can win and give Britain back it's greatness.