Sunday, 10 June 2007

The GTC want to scrap under-16 School tests (I don't)

GTC Education School Scrap Tests
The General Teaching Council (GTC) want all under-16 exams scrapped, as they believe they are demoralising children.

I, as a father of three children believe in testing. The results that my children bring home give me an indication of how they are progressing, and whether my wife and I need to become more pro-active in their education. I do not want to wait for their GCSE results to drop on my door mat to find out what their chances of making it in life are. Sats at 14 are a baseline indication of a child’s current standard, without which, it would be difficult to identify the areas that require working on.

My 14 year old daughter has just received a set of disappointing results, this has given me a chance to talk her through them and point out to her the consequences of not fulfilling her potential. Given the information contained in her results, I can now ensure I pay more attention to her homework and the time she spends socialising with her friends.

I am absolutely furious that the GTC claim that tests demoralise children. I am sick and tired of these sandal wearing fools telling us we should not hurt our children’s feelings by having a system of winners and losers. Without competition we would still be living in bloody caves and our children will be in for one hell of a shock when they leave school, only to realise that they have to compete for jobs.

There are winners and losers in life and as soon as our children realise that, the better it will be for them. Sticking our collective head in the sand and hoping for the best, will not be beneficial to our children, or the country.

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Betty said...

I agree that tests are necessary. However, I feel that in Texas testing has almost replaced learning. There is so much emphasis placed on passing tests that I worry about the pressure some kids put on themselves at very early ages. End of the year achievement tests used to do the trick. Younger kids didn't know their scores and were free to enjoy learning instead of worrying about passing tests.

Daily Referendum said...


You are correct about the tests replacing learning, we have the same problem here. However I believe the GTC should be trying to overcome this problem instead of just taking the easy way out by scrapping tests. I also agree that putting pressure on kids at the early an age is not always desirable. But in the latter stages of education, pressure is required to ensure a child understands the importance of their personal achievement.

Anonymous said...

The General Teaching Council appears to be infested with devout followers of Antonio Gramsci. Their work is well reported by Civitas today. Pupils learn only what is suitable for their social moulding into politically correct, Western hating, white hating, multiculturists, devoid of any knowledge of their history, understanding of mathematics or sciences, or their english literary heritage.