Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Tony Blair Steps Down as Prime Minister Poem

Tony Blair Steps Down

Ten years gone and it started so well

Is there a legacy? only time will tell

He gave hope and money to the poor masses

Too many stayed at home, sat on their asses

With words and smiles he beat the Tories

And then took us to war on intelligence stories

In Baghdad our troops were welcomed with cheers and songs

Before too long they were dodging bullets and bombs

Hospitals got dirty and the prisons were brimming

The bright lights of labour were steadily dimming

Boys on our streets with asbos and tags

Teenage girls with full stomachs taking drags on their fags

They taxed for this and they taxed for that

Where was the tax from the city fat cat?

Gold should have been sold when the price hit the ceiling

It was sold at rock bottom and we were left reeling

Tony steps down to be replaced by his ex-mate

Gordon the man with no vote or mandate

Who will shed tears? only a few

Tony will be back, as president of the EU

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