Tuesday, 17 July 2007

All Roads from the US and Russia lead to the EU Treaty (Constitution).

I'm not one to normally go off on flights of fancy, but something clicked in my mind today while surfing the news websites. There have been some very important developments arising in Gordon Browns first few weeks in power:

1. Tony Blair agrees to the EU Treaty (Seen by many as a the failed Constitution re-written).

2. Gordon Brown goes back on the governments pledge to hold a referendum. (Labour manifesto in the last election).

3. There is a huge outcry from the opposition, the media and the public for a referendum on the EU Treaty (Talk of European Empire and loss of sovereignty).

4. At the Council on Foreign Relations in Washington DC, International Development Secretary Douglas Alexander said: isolationism "simply does not work in an interdependent world". And so we must form new alliances, based on common values, ones not just to protect us from the world, but ones which reach out to the world. Multilateralist, not unilateralist means a rules-based international system. Just as we need the rule of law at home to have civilisation so we need rules abroad to ensure global civilisation." (This was seen by many to be critical of the US and a possible cooling of our friendship).

5. Foreign Secretary David Miliband announces Britain's decision to expel four Russian diplomats following Russia's refusal to extradite Andrei Lugovoi, an ex-KGB officer and prime suspect in the murder of Alexander Litvinenko. (This leads to threats of retaliation from Russia and the spectre of the Cold War arises).

6. David Miliband says that Britain will seek support from the EU. (Mmm.... are the dots starting to join yet?)

7. Gordon Brown's first official visit is not to the US to meet with Bush, but to Germany to meet with Merkel. (Strange?).

Now forgive me if I get a bit cynical here, but if I were desperate to avoid having to give the country a referendum on the EU Treaty because they would vote NO, I could come up with the following plan:

1. Make the people believe that our friendship with the US has cooled and we can no longer depend on their support. (See point 4 above).

2. Cause a political row with our old enemy Russia, who are sure to threaten retaliation. (See point 5 above).

3. Show the people how friendly we are with the major players in the EU and tell them that we can rely on the EU for support. (See points 6 and 7 above).

4. The people start to believe that we need the EU's strength, and begin to realise that we don't need one of those silly little referendums after all.

5. Gordon signs the Treaty, we make up with Russia and we assure the public that relations with the US have never been better.

6. Problem sorted.

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Ken from glos said...

Something else needs to be considered.The Euro is falling apart because of internal strains, Spain may well be forced to leave followed by Italy.

France and Germany are arguing over the correect interest rate,because they both need different levels.

The only way to save it is by political union.Give the currency a State.

Lord Straf-Bilderberg said...

The explanation lies embedded in your own point:

At the Council on Foreign Relations in Washington DC, International Development Secretary Douglas Alexander said: isolationism "simply does not work in an interdependent world".

CFR are only one arm of the push, one visible portion.

Anonymous said...

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Crushed by Ingsoc said...

I agree. I think the whole Litvnenko business was whipped up to exploit latent Russophopia, which we all inherited from growing up during the cold war.
It's ludicrous. Russia should be our ally, not our foe, but we seem to go out of our way to create rifts.

Scott C. Haley said...

Over here in the U.S., the Corporatocracy Globalists fail to realize that their adventures (in militarism, managed trade [under the guise of Free Trade], etc.) have done more to isolate America from the rest of the world than anything proposed by genuine Conservatives---not NeoCons, whose origins are on the Left.

That was pointed out recently by candidate Ron Paul, one who does not confuse noninterventionism with isolationism.