Monday, 30 July 2007

Referendum Voting Results

Here are the last six referendum vote results from my blog:

Q. Should the state funding of political parties be raised to £25m/year?

YES 17% NO 79% DO NOT KNOW 4%

Q. Was the Serious Fraud Office right to drop the corruption inquiry into the BAE arms deal with Saudi Arabia?

YES 12% NO 84% DO NOT KNOW 4%

Q. Should people diagnosed as having violent personality disorders, but have not committed any crime, be held in confinement?

YES 35% NO 53% DO NOT KNOW 12%

Q. Should we have a national referendum on the EU Treaty?

YES 94% NO 6% DO NOT KNOW 0%

Q. Should pistol shooting, both full and small-bore, be allowed to return to the UK?

YES 79% NO 19% DO NOT KNOW 2%

Q. Should severely obese children be taken into care on the grounds of neglect?

YES 15% NO 77% DO NOT KNOW 8%

To view all the referendum vote results going back to September 2006 click HERE.

(The results are archived by the British Library)

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