Saturday, 28 July 2007

Royal Navy Round-Up - 300th Nuclear Patrol, HMS Daring and Floods.

300th Nuclear Patrol

It's been 39 years since HMS Resolution began the first nuclear deterrent patrol by the Royal Navy. The Defence Secretary Denis Healy called the undertaking: “the awesome responsibility”. This month HMS Vengeance returned to UK waters after completing the 300th deterrent patrol. The round-the-clock constant presence has taken up 50 million man hours and has seen the deterrent change from the Polaris to the Trident missile. Today's Defence Secretary, Des Browne said: “The completion of 300 strategic deterrent patrols highlights the major contribution the Submarine Service makes to the peace and security of the United Kingdom.”

The first of the RN's Type 45 Destroyers, HMS Daring set sail under her own power this week. Daring now faces over a year of machinery and weapons trials to ensure she is fit for service. On successful completion of her trials, Daring will be officially handed over to the RN and enter service in 2009.

200 sailors assisted the fire brigade to prevent the loss of electricity supply to thousands of homes in flood-stricken Gloucestershire. The sailors worked through the night to sand bag two sub-stations at Walham and South Meads. Cdr Stuart Borland, coordinating the RN’s relief operation around Gloucester said: “It became apparent at first light that the teams had successful safeguarded the electricity sub-stations supplying a large part of Gloucester. Despite the long hours and conditions and rising waters, the spirits of personnel are very high. They’re keen to volunteer for whatever is required in the next few days.”

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Ken from glos said...

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