Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Royal Navy - Successfully Fire New Mk IV Tomahawk

Mk IV Cruise Missile
The Royal Navy has successfully test fired the new Mk IV Tomahawk Cruise Missile from the T class submarine HMS Trenchant. The missile which is capable of hitting targets at distances greater than 1,000 miles destroyed the test target with pinpoint accuracy. The missiles are able to travel at speeds up to 500 MPH and can be re-targeted during flight while sending back video of the land below to the sub.

The Navy have purchased 64 new missiles which will be fitted to T class and the new Astute submarines at a cost of £70m. The new Astute class submarine fitted with these new cruise missiles and the new spearfish torpedo will be a major boost to Britain's defence capabilities.

For more information and photos of the test firing click HERE

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