Sunday, 19 August 2007

Climate Change Protesters Won't Change Their Plans. (UPDATE).

Calling for "peace talks" over climate change issues, Captain Mervyn Granshaw, the Chairman of the British Airline Pilots' Association, said,"We would like to come to a common understanding about carbon dioxide emissions from aircraft. In our recent report, Aviation And The Environment, we laid out the facts that aircrafts are minor polluters, that air travel is not the fastest-growing source of emissions and that most flights, compared with other transport modes, are green. The eco-warriors and some environmental groups disagree. We would like to meet them to try to reach a consensus, to have an informed debate."

A camp spokesman for the Campaigners protesting against Heathrow's planned expansion said: "We're more than happy to discuss the science of climate change with anybody, but right now we're caught up planning for tomorrow's direct action. After the climate change camp is over we will meet them."

So while seemingly willing to discus the science of climate change, the protesters are going to carry on with their plans in the total belief that they are 100% correct. Air travel guilty until proven innocent?

Assistant Commissioner Tarique Ghaffur warned that the protests had been infiltrated by troublemakers who were "quite happy to break the law". Protest organisers said the Met officer's comments were "ludicrous" and "part of a smear campaign".

If the Met officer's comments are so ludicrous - why have 21 protesters been arrested already and why are 1,800 officers being deployed to the demonstration on Sunday?

It is quite apparent that the protesters plan to force their opinions on the country, even if it means breaking the law.

UPDATE: Alex Harvey, one of the campaigners at the camp, said: "There are certainly times when unlawful action is required in order to force changes that aren't happening fast enough." That's OK then.


Anonymous said...

The trouble is, the Government's own enviro-babble and doom and gloom predictions, give these people credibility and a just cause - not to mention a taste of real power for those who would be intellectually challenged stacking shelves.

Daily Referendum said...


If it they were not protesting about so called "climate change," these people would be protesting about something else. It's the new religion, and it makes them feel good about themselves.