Friday, 24 August 2007

Dutch and UK Labour Parties Become Rebellious Over EU Treaty Referendum

EU Treaty Referendum
The Telegraph reports: A "hard core" of at least 40 Labour MPs is poised to issue the Prime Minister with an ultimatum to re-open talks on the treaty or concede a referendum.

The full article can be viewed by clicking HERE.

Meanwhile, reports: The Dutch Labour party has a mini rebellion on its hands that could, if not properly managed, turn into a fully-fledged coup. Around 25 party members including a number of big names, want the party to become more left wing. They want to fight moves to make it easier to sack people, a super tax on the wealthy and a referendum over the new EU treaty.

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MPs across Europe are starting to realise that they cannot ride roughshod over their citizens and hope to keep their well paid and privileged jobs.

There is a Pro referendum Rally taking place in London on SATURDAY 27TH OCTOBER 2007. There will be 4 separate rally routes into London - North, South, East and West, converging at Trafalgar Square, proceeding up The Mall and culminating in Hyde Park (the only venue in central London capable of accommodating this size of rally +500,000).

For further information about the Rally and to register your support, visit the Pro Referendum Rally Website by clicking HERE.

You can also sign the E-Petition asking for a Referendum on the EU Treaty by clicking HERE.


Crushed by Ingsoc said...

Might be tempted by that.
I like these sort of events, good to get your point across, but great social occasions as well.

Daily Referendum said...

Yes it's all about getting the point across, but meeting fellow protesters and possibly having a few beers can't hurt.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post young man. In a strange sort of way, the linking of like minded people who are pissed off with the EU, could be the very thing that finally unites us. Er God, it's a plot.

Daily Referendum said...

My God you could be right Harry. Do I want a referendum? yes er no er yes er no, damn it Harry, you've got me all confused now.