Sunday, 26 August 2007

England must stand up and be counted! - EU Treaty Referendum.

My fellow blogger Ian, over at the PJC Journal has written probably one of the best post I have read on the EU Treaty - Please click HERE to view it.


Anonymous said...

I think he's a little too upbeat on the 'fighting with our backs to the wall' and 'saving Europe from itself' bit. I would personally need more convincing that this country is still worth fighting for in the first place, especially as our own people have and are, doing such a good job at destroying our cherished way of life. If we must fight, then we will have to fight these people first ...and I don't mean a few harsh words on the blogosphere.

Daily Referendum said...

Harry, Ian is very passionate on this subject. He spends a lot of time researching government lies and deceit. I think the more you come to realise how poorly and cynically this country is being run, the angrier you get.

You are right about sorting out our country first, but we should not let it take our eye off the EU ball.

Anonymous said...

I would also suggest that you don't take your eye off the British ball if you want your country back.

IanP said...


You are perfectly right to say that we need to secure our own country, but not necessarily first, but as well as.

My 2010 article was designed to show where we are going internally, but our internal destiny is currently dependant to a large extent on linking with the rest of the EU, so in that respect it needs to be a dual approach.

I am against the database state and everything that could ensue from that, but it is important to understand that it is all being driven from Brussels.

It has been an important part of the European project to destroy not just the UK, setting at work divisive policies that will eventually break the UK union, but to diminish England itself, for as I indicated in my post, free peoples of Europe have always looked towards England (even if they meant Britain or the UK), so to abolish it altogether is terribly important symbolically to the 'colleagues'.

To defeat the European project will defuse much of what Brown can achieve here, without EU backing, money and nepotism.