Thursday, 23 August 2007

Gary Titley Labour MEP - It's All In The Name. (EU Treaty Referendum)

Last night's Newsnight was very illuminating with regards to Labour's position on the the EU treaty. When Kirsty Wark pointed out to Gary Titley Labour MEP, that Angela Merkel said: "There's only cosmetic changes between the constitution and the treaty." Kirsty asked: "Is Angela Merkel wrong?" The Titley said: "Human beings and mice share 99% of their genetic make-up. It is a world of difference." What kind of rubbish is he spouting? If a beefburger is only 99% beef - it's still a bloody beefburger.

Kirsty then hit Titley with a killer question: "Do you believe the argument for the treaty would win a yes vote in a referendum?" The Titley replied: "yes." Kirsty quick as a flash followed up with: "Why don't you do it then?" A very flustered Titley blurted out: "Well fff becau... there is no need for a referendum."

And this man is representing us in Europe?

The truth, as we and the Titley all know, is that the real reason Gordon Brown does not want us to have a referendum on the treaty, is because we will vote NO!

You can watch the episode by clicking HERE (Starts 6 minutes and 40 seconds into the video)

There is a Pro referendum Rally taking place in London on SATURDAY 27TH OCTOBER 2007. There will be 4 separate rally routes into London - North, South, East and West, converging at Trafalgar Square, proceeding up The Mall and culminating in Hyde Park (the only venue in central London capable of accommodating this size of rally +500,000).

For further information about the Rally and to register your support, visit the Pro Referendum Rally Website by clicking HERE.

You can also sign the E-Petition asking for a Referendum on the EU Treaty by clicking HERE.


Anonymous said...

What I would like to know from our friends across the water is ...what the people who have already voted NO for an EU Constitution think!

Daily Referendum said...

Bloody good point Harry.

If I had voted against the constitution, I would be pretty pissed off if my government tried to force it upon me.

Hazel said...

The people of EU nations no longer have rights. Their so called elected governments have progressively signed them away to the unelected, overpaid, over pensioned bureaucrats (who sign up never to criticise the EU).

Last time Ireland voted no to a treaty they were sent back to vote again (with the instructions to get it right). Does anyone know whether France and Holland have a new referendum planned?

Maybe Gordon Brown has been told behind closed doors that if we have a vote these countries will want one too!

The power grab creep has got to stop somewhere.

Daily Referendum said...


Momentum is growing across Europe for a referendum. The politicians can't ignore it for much longer.