Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Gordon Brown Urinates on our troops and then tells them it is raining.

Today Gordon Brown said setting an exit timetable for troops would "undermine" their obligations, "as well as hindering the task of our armed forces and increasing the risks they face. I will do nothing that puts at risk the ability of our armed forces, who have done and are doing a magnificent job, to accomplish their work."

He is putting our troops at risk every day by not giving them the money to buy equipment that could save their lives.

Brown said that operations in Afghanistan involved "tough, dangerous and difficult tasks and terrain", but said: "The international community is united in its desire to prevent Afghanistan once again becoming a failed state."

I don't often swear on this blog but the man is talking absolute bollocks. Afghanistan has just produced a record opium crop and our troops have been ordered not to interfere. The money from this crop is going into our enemy's pockets , which is then being used to buy weapons to kill our troops. Not only that, but the bumper crop of opium means cheap drugs on our streets back home.

Brown's ability to lie barefaced and his incompetence means only more of our troops will die.

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