Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Ooh You Cheeky Mayor! - MP Lembit Opik

Lembit Opik
MP Lembit Opik is being touted as the Liberal Democrat party's potential candidate to be mayor of London. Sir Menzies Campbell's chief of staff, Ed Davey said Mr Opik would be better than Ken Livingstone or Boris Johnson. Lembit said: "Me, Boris and Ken would be a splendid contest. It would get a lot of interest and get the public voting. It's ever so flattering. If I was a London MP I would stand like a shot. The only issue is my constituency is 205 miles away. I think I might go and have a chat with the boss to see what's going on. The momentum seems to be developing a life of its own."

Maybe Simon Cowell can be signed up to run some kind of "The Mayor Factor" competition for TV?

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