Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Telegraph EU referendum petition signed by 70,000

From the Telegraph:

More than 70,000 people have now signed the Telegraph petition calling for a referendum on the EU reform treaty, as cross-party support for a public vote continues to grow.

The news came after it emerged that some Liberal Democrats could join the more than 120 Labour MPs planning to rebel against Gordon Brown in demanding a referendum.

Number 10 reaffirmed yesterday that Mr Brown believed there was no need for a referendum as EU leaders had now scrapped plans for a fully-fledged constitution.

But a growing body of sceptics argue that the new proposals and the old, defeated constitutional treaty are essentially the same thing.

The Daily Telegraph has learnt that even the traditionally pro-Brussels Lib Dems are now split over whether British voters should be denied the final say on the controversial treaty.

I say: If a Beefburger only contains 90% Beef, it is still a bloody Beefburger.

"The fundamentals of the Constitution have been maintained," says Angela Merkel.

"The great part of the European Constitution is in the new treaty," agrees José Luis Zapatero.

"Thankfully they haven’t changed the substance; 90 per cent of it is still there," echoes Bertie Ahern.

You can sign the Telegraphs EU referendum petition by clicking HERE.

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Mr Michael Stone said...

I am completely oppossed to the growing influence and change of power to the EU. WE appear tpo have goven up the Magna Carta, our seat on the UN and have lost all our national independance. The Germans have now won the war by the back door - and mostly due to the Charelmgen price as enjpyed by Ted Heat and subsequently EVERY Prime Nminisater since that time. PLEASE EXPOSE THIS TREASONABLE PRACTICE.

Thanks Michael Stone