Wednesday, 15 August 2007

When Teaching Politics In School Turns Bad.

An Australian education authority has defended a school's anti-war themed entry in the Rock Eisteddfod Challenge and said the event was about freedom of expression. Education Minister Julie Bishop has accused Davidson High School of hijacking the event to protest against a visit by US President George W Bush. The school's production, Bad Knight II, depicts Mr Bush as the pilot of a crashing plane and attacks the US-led invasion of Iraq.

Ms Bishop said: "There appears to be a teacher's political agenda here. And I think that's a shame, because I'm concerned that the message of the Rock Eisteddfod Challenge will get lost if the event is hijacked in this way."

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It seems that pupils could not participate without parental approval. However I must agree with the Education Minister that this is not about teaching politics, or freedom of expression, it is the hijacking of what should be a fun educational event to promote a political agenda. I agree that politics should be taught in School , but it should be done in a way that puts forward all sides of the argument. That way the pupils can make an informed decision while armed with all the facts. This is a slippery slope, teachers should teach, not use their students to promote their own political views.

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