Monday, 3 September 2007

Climate Change Part 14 (Brown's Big Green Tax Rip Off).

Green Tax Rip OffAccording to the Taxpayers' Alliance emissions in 2005 have caused damage worth an estimated £11.7bn, but Gordon Brown took £21.9bn out of our pockets in green taxes and charges. The Alliance have calculated that on average, each household in the UK are "over-paying" £400 a year.

Fuel duty is 30 and 40 times higher than is required, the doubling of Air Passenger Duty was likely to have increased total emissions from air travel, creating incentives for longer flights and the landfill tax is raising up to £620m more than is needed to cover the methane emissions from landfill.

Corin Taylor, of the TaxPayers' Alliance, said: "Green taxes and charges impose substantial costs on, amongst others, northern manufacturers and the NHS. Green taxes in the UK are already well in excess of the level they need to be to meet the academic estimates of the social costs of carbon emissions. UK taxpayers are already more than doing their bit to pay for the costs of pollution and additional green taxes would be completely unjustified."

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