Sunday, 30 September 2007

Gordon Brown's secret plans of massive Royal Navy Cuts.

I haven't got time to post properly on this as I should be in bed (on nights), but I cannot let this slip by. The Telegraph say that the Ministry of Defence has produced a plan to decommission five warships from next April, which would reduce the Navy's capability to the level where it could carry out only "one small-scale operation". The information has been supplied in an email from a whistleblowing official inside the MoD. They are also saying that the total number of ships in the Navy and Royal Fleet Auxiliary could fall from the present level of 103 to 76 in 2017 and only 50 in 2027 — a reduction of more than half.

This as obviously raised a lot of anger in their comments section.

Being ex-RN, I'm pretty bloody furious myself.

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