Thursday, 13 September 2007

Is Gordon Brown Getting Union Tips From Lady Thatcher?

Baroness Thatcher is visiting Gordon Brown at 10 Downing Street today. I wonder if he is going to pick her brains over his current difficulties with the unions? With co-ordinated strike action threatened over his below inflation pay offer and the unions voting in favour of a referendum on the EU Treaty, he probably feels he needs all the help he can get. Lets face it, we've had two outbreaks of foot and mouth (from an installation he cut funding to last year), widespread flooding (in areas that have not had their flood defences maintained), UK troops put in unnecessary danger (lack of funding for decent equipment) and strikes on the tube and in our prisons. To top it all, he is refusing to give us the referendum on the EU Treaty that Labour promised us in the last election.

Not a very auspicious start for our unelected Prime Minister is it? I don't think he will be thinking of an early election. If I were him, I'd be more worried about a possible call for a vote of no confidence. We've got disease in our hospitals, death on our streets, people leaving the country in floods while illegal immigrants pour in with no real idea of their number or where they are. We've got hundreds of thousands homeless, 11 year old kids that can't read or write and a benefit system that does not encourage work.

The country is a shambles and we need a change of management.

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Anonymous said...

"The country is a shambles and we need a change of management".
Yes. True. But how to change it. Time was when we would have an election and get rid of a government like this one, monumentally incompetent and ruining the health service, education, defence, justice and law and order. Nothing they touch goes right.But now the electorate is bought and paid for with benefits, open immigration to natural socialist voters, and a huge colossal state payroll. The debauched populace votes them in again with larger majorities than anyone can remember since the last war.We have a national emergency at a time when England, our only hope, has been mortally wounded by the Scots and Welsh who have seized power by giving themselves two votes each and placing Scots in every high government office..