Sunday, 9 September 2007

Israeli Neo-Nazis - The one place you would not expect to find these morons.

Can you believe that a bunch of Nazi morons have been attacking foreigners, gay people and religious Jews in Israel of all places? What's more these arseholes are Israeli citizens, which they achieved by having at least one Jewish Grandparent. The eight meat heads who are all originally from former Soviet Union, were arrested by the Israeli police a month ago, but the news has only just been released.

Searches of their homes turned up: Nazi uniforms, portraits of Adolf Hitler, knives, guns and TNT. The eight's tattoos included the number 88, code for Heil Hitler. They filmed their attacks showing people lying on the ground whilst being kicked by more than one assailant.

How do you deal with scum like this? I suggest treating them like the Nazis treated their grandparents during WW2.

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