Thursday, 20 September 2007

Ming Campbell - LibDem Conference Jackanory Presenter

I'm listening live to Ming's address to the LibDem party faithful. So far it's not too bad, he's mixed in some good humour with policy. I particularly liked his soap opera gag. The only problem I've got is that he seems to think that he his telling a story to five year olds. Hold on a minute it starting to go a bit downhill, if mentions the war once more....

OK I give up. I can't listen to this codswallop any longer.

This is the gist: If you are a minority or marginalised you should vote LibDem.

Sorry, this is not what the LibDems wanted to hear. It's not what Ming said, it's just the way he said it. No fight, no fire.


Olly Kendall said...

You're way off. it was much better than last year. he attacked brown much more than in 2006 (which i am guessing you would appreciate?) and perhaps it was a little unpaletable was because some of it range true about the idetikit politics betwen labour and tories?

Daily Referendum said...


You are very loyal. Every report I've read since writing this seems to be of the same opinion: content not bad, performance poor. As for liberal policies, they are OK in fairytales, unfortunately this is the real world.