Saturday, 22 September 2007

Peter Hain says - Gordon Brown is not a control freak (don't laugh).

Peter Hain has been trying to defend Uncle Joe Brown by telling the Telegraph that the supreme leader is not a "control freak." However, how do justify the actions of Uncle Joe when 96 of the 120 motions submitted to the Labour party conference by constituency parties and unions have been ruled out of order. These include motions on Iraq and the Trident nuclear weapons system. Gordon will only allow motions that will not cause him any embarrassment, even if they come from the party faithful.

This is from Gordon's recent speech: "Many will recall that when taking office I emphasised that the government must listen and learn. Now I say we must do more. We must engage and involve with people on the issues they face in their everyday lives. I believe that Britain needs a new type of politics which embraces everyone in this nation, not just a select few. A politics built on consensus, not division. A politics built on engaging with people, not excluding them. A politics that draws on the widest range of talents and expertise, not the narrow circles of power."

Does anyone, including Labour supporters, believe a word of what Uncle Joe Brown said? He is refusing to allow us our say in a referendum on the EU Treaty. He's won't give us permission to have a referendum for one reason only: we will vote NO. And Uncle Joe will not have the little people question his authority, he's waited too long to seize power to share it with the workers. And he certainly will not allow party members to ask awkward questions at the conference while he's in charge.

Now forgive me if I'm wrong, but aren't the government supposed work for us in this so called democracy? Let me tell you how politics in this country really works: you vote someone into power, and if they have a big enough majority they can pass any laws they care to and they can totally ignore the wishes of those that voted them in. The only time you have any control over how this country is run is at the precise moment you put an X next to someones name.

Don't waste that vote.


William Gruff said...

I'm not a 'sweary blog' person but whenever I see a picture of that Scotch cunt a video plays in my mind. It's a re-run of the Kennedy assassination in Dallas. The back of Brown's head comes off as the assassin's bullet puts paid to his mandibular scintillations for ever.

The first act of the English Government must be to have the cyclopean bastard whipped, naked and on his hands and knees, from Westminster to Lamberton.

The Jocks can do as they will with what is left of the murdering Anglophobic shit when it gets to them.

Daily Referendum said...

Mr Gruff,

You should write more often. You have a definite knack for talking sense.

William Gruff said...

If you keep flattering me like that you are in grave danger of having to sit and listen while, drinking the beer that I clearly owe you, I rant on and on and on.

You have been warned.

Daily Referendum said...

Putting the world to rights over a pint is surely what life is all about. The rest is just filler.