Sunday, 21 October 2007

The EU Treaty - Jobs for the boys (President Tony Blair).

Judas Caesar first Emperor of Europe
I've had quite a few friends and relatives who know that I'm into politics, asking me why Gordon Brown's Labour so keen to sign the EU Treaty against public opinion. And you know, I find it very difficult to answer them. The only answer I can come up with is that they are creating jobs for the boys. Today, Tony Blair is once again being touted as the first EU President by French President Nicolas Sarkazy. Of course Brown says that the selection of the new EU President has not been discussed and it won't be until after the Treaty has been ratified. There's a very good reason that Tony Blair's appointment won't be announced until after the ratification, and that's because the British public would smell one very large and very dirty rat if it was announced beforehand.

The EU is an excellent money making opportunity for an MP, allegedly the Kinnocks pull in millions from their pensions for their short service to Europe. Let's see how many ex-Labour MPs find their way into well paid and cushy EU jobs if this Treaty is ratified. Gordon and Tony's mates will be laughing all the way to the bank. If Tony Blair takes the position of EU President, he should be named Judas Caesar the first Emperor of Europe.

Today William Hague told Brown's puppet Andrew Marr: "If the Liberal Democrat MPs also break their solemn election commitment, as well as Labour MPs, then of course that makes it difficult for us to win a vote in the House of Commons." I think Marr did well not to break out into a cheesy smile at the thought of how happy that would make the puppet master. Hague went on to say: "Although those in marginal seats will have to remember that their breach of that promise is something we will remind their constituents about in some detail at the next general election." I Hope that is true and I hope that those who have sold this country out lose their seats. However there's a damn good chance that they won't care, because they may well walk straight into a EU jobs.

Britain is not the only country to be denied their democratic right to vote on their nation's future. A survey carried out by The Financial Times/Harris, showed: 76 pct of Germans, 75 pct of Britons, 72 pct of Italians, 65 pct of Spaniards and 63 pct of French wanted a referendum on the treaty. The entire population of Europe is being sold down the river by their own politicians.

If the Treaty is ratified, I will be asking my MP to put forward a motion for a vote of no confidence. If I can, I will, and I hope others will do the same. We cannot be lead by a Government that acts against the wishes of its people. They were voted in to represent us, not to betray us.


IanP said...

If the Treaty is ratified, I will be asking my MP to put forward a motion for a vote of no confidence.

Steve, I do believe that you are missing the point here. If the treaty is ratified, its too late.

Even if we get a referendum AFTER Parliament has ratified the treaty, its too late.

Barroso has made it clear that he will only accept Parliamentary ratifications, the only exception to that is Ireland, whose constitution demands a referendum.

Unless we have the vote of no confidence and the referendum BEFORE the politico's have their say, its all over.

That's why Brown is looking so smug all the time.

This is the last UK Government. Beyond ratification the UK Parliament will just be a rubber stamp forum, with no powers of its own left, so voting for whichever party will just be for show.

Britain will be ruled by Brussels and the regional RDA's.

Anonymous said...

Hi, writing as 'anonymous' as blogger keeps messing me about, but it's Ginro if you're interested.

But on to your post. Might it be a better idea if we organised some kind of civil disobediance, nationwide? Repeated ocurrences of this nature would leave Brown and his cohorts powerless, and an election would have to be called eventually. Look at Gandhi and Martin Luther King as prime examples to follow.

William Gruff said...

It's been said for years that Blair has always wanted to be the first Euro F├╝hrer. I remember hearing it from a regional Labour Party apparatchik sometime about 1999.

I think you're placing too much faith in the Conservatives, Steve: They're clearly reneguing on Cameron's conference promise of a referendum and are now very much a 'spent force' in Br*tish politics anyway. That notwithstanding, the present situation is as much a consequence of Mrs Thatcher's and Major's actions as Blair's and Brown's and their successors won't change anything. We may well find ourselves having to secede from the EU and, in effect, having to fight a European 'civil' war to regain our freedom.

There is trouble ahead for the English

Letters From A Tory said...

Blair had better steer clear of this, because if this country is already eurosceptic, seeing Blair again will only make us moreso.

Daily Referendum said...

Sorry for not replying to your comments, I'm on twelve hour nights at the moment and time is a little short between working and sleeping. I think you all have valid points. Particularly that this treaty should be stopped before ratification. I will feel very cheated, and I think so will everyone else if Blair is announced as president when the dust settles.

If that happens we will know exactly how little power the people have in this country.

Anonymous said...

It seems that the penny has still not dropped for most people. We are now ruled entirely by the political class, which from now on crosses all EU borders. Here in the British province Brown,Blair, the NuLab cabinet, the NuLab party, the Cameron Conservatives and the LibDim party, all ably supported by the huge civil service, regions,county councils, committees and quangoes, all living at the expense of the taxpayer, are able to use the people's treasure to employ friends, relatives and provide life long employment in one state job or another, and all the expenses one might dream of. They are rapidly nearing the point of being able to totally ignore the wishes of the population here or elsewhere in Europe.
Now why on earth would any MP of any party, or any other of this vast army want to change things?

JO said...

Ianp said

"Steve, I do believe that you are missing the point here. If the treaty is ratified, its too late.

Even if we get a referendum AFTER Parliament has ratified the treaty, its too late."

NO Parliament may bind it's successor.
NO Parliament may bind it's successor.
NO Parliament may bind it's successor.