Monday, 8 October 2007

Gordon Brown don't mess with the SAS. (Iraq Speech)

I've just finished watching one of the best critiques of a politician's speech that I have ever seen on BBC News 24. Ben, formally of the SAS has just gone into a massive rant about what he calls Brown's spin on the situation in Iraq. He basically rubbished everything Brown had to say and said that Brown was only following American orders. This will be very damaging to Gordon Brown, and I hope the BBC repeat Ben's reaction several times tonight.


William Gruff said...

Who Dares Wins but Gordon hasn't the balls of a louse, so he's lost.

Daily Referendum said...

Mr Gruff

If this continues much longer Brown will be fighting to keep his job.

He's been made to look very fragile.

William Gruff said...

It is interesting to speculate on who will take his place if he does go and what would happen next. I don't think his successor could avoid calling an election, which I think cannot but result in a hung parliament.

One thing is certain: There are plenty of people on his own back benches who will defy his authority now that his spell is broken.

Daily Referendum said...

Was 128 backbenchers that rebelled over the Iraq war?

It just shows the potential for his own party to turn on him is there.

William Gruff said...

It would be fun to leave him to be savaged by his own dogs but we do not want that now.

He must be allowed to continue, for a while, if England is to survive.