Friday, 19 October 2007

Gordon Brown is selling Britain down the EU Treaty River.

Gordon Brown to sign EU Treaty Last night Gordon Brown agreed on our behalf (without our permission) to sign up to the new EU Treaty (Constitution). Now, I did not vote in Gordon Brown as Prime Minister, nor did anyone else in this country. He has absolutely no right to make such a momentous decision about the future and sovereignty of this country without any democratic consensus. Gordon Brown last night took his first steps into Dictatorship.

I for one will endeavour to show this man for what he is, he is a man that will use spin and lies for the good of himself and his party. Brown and his puppet Miliband are more than willing to lie to the public, and I honestly believe that they don't care that we know they are conning us. When a government has a decent sized majority they can do anything they please, and they can say "up yours" to the voters. That's exactly what Gordon Brown is doing now, he knows that we were promised a referendum, he knows the people want that referendum and he knows that we will vote against this Treaty. He knows, but he does not care. We are the little people and he, the great leader, thinks only he knows what is best for this country. (Dictator : A totalitarian leader of a dictatorship. They wield absolute authority, usually to the detriment of the people).

Who decides if we sign up to this treaty? - Gordon Brown.
Who decides if the people have a say? - Gordon Brown.
Who decides what the mythical red lines are going to be? - Gordon Brown.
What do we the people get to decide? - ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

If this Treaty is signed, then I believe that we have every right to rename this democracy a dictatorship. This man Brown, is handing over our sovereignty without first gaining our permission.

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