Saturday, 27 October 2007

On my way to the Pro Referendum Rally.

I've just boarded the train from Portsmouth to Waterloo. I should arrive about 9am, when I intend to walk over to Westminster Abbey. Once I've had a look around the Abbey and its museum, I'll be heading over to St Stephen's pub were I'll hopefully get to meet the Devil for a little drink (or maybe a large one) before heading over to the Rally.

More later.
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Shades said...

How was it?

I would have liked to have been there but had too much on.

Devil's Kitchen said...

And very good to meet you it was; much drinking done by all...


Daily Referendum said...

Shades you didn't miss much when it comes to the Rally, however it did turn out to be a great social event in the pub afterwards. In fact I think I enjoyed it a bit too much.

Daily Referendum said...


It was great to meet you, I had a good laugh, though I wasn't laughing much on Sunday morning. One too many me thinks.