Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Brian Paddick is the Liberal Democrat candidate for London mayor.

Brian Paddick LibDem Candidate for London Mayor
Former deputy assistant commissioner for the Metropolitan police Brian Paddick, was the United Kingdom's most senior openly gay police officer. Today Brian has been named as the Liberal Democrat candidate for London mayor. Born on 24 April 1958 in Balham in London, Brian was educated at Tooting Bec Grammar School and Queen's College Oxford (to name a few). In December 2003 the Mail on Sunday apologised and paid damages to Brian after they published a story by his former partner, James Renolleau, that Commander Paddick had used cannabis.

On being selected for the Libdem Mayoral candidate Brian said: "less crime, better transport, cleaner air and fewer Londoners living in poverty" was crucial for London. In a interview with Pink News Brian set out some of his priorities if elected mayor. He said that illegal drugs were "dangerous and harmful and it is better if people live without them", but he would not be afraid of adopting a "radical solution if it's fully thought through, if it's workable, affordable and gets the right result". In a leaflet released on his campaign website on 10 September, he pledged to "put more police officers, fully trained, equipped and with the necessary powers out on the street, dealing with violent gun and knife crime".

I wish him luck, obviously I still want Boris to win, but it does look like the Libdems have put up a very capable candidate.


Tony said...

Mr Paddick (for it is he) describes his vision as being "Ken-plus". London has my sympathies. As things stand this could be good news for Boris Johnson as Livingstone and the Lib Dems seem set to split the leftist vote.

Robin said...

"fewer Londoners living in poverty"

He`s going to move them to MIlton Keynes.